Fellows' projects

In EcoLab our fellows together develop and implement small-scale projects focusing on ecology issues and related areas within their local communities.

After the Kick-off Meeting, the participants' teams project outlines are reviewed by a jury consisting of representatives of partner organizations, alumni and external experts.

The criteria on which these projects are judged include the degree of community involvement, the relevance to solving socio-ecological challenges, the nature and level of team work involved, and the ratio between resource utilization and expected results.

Participants whose project outlines are approved are offered a fellowship consisting of further capacity building, peer-mentoring and small start-up funding for implementing the projects.

The project teams further develop their ideas during the Project Meeting, following which they start the implementation phase. The program ends with a Reflection Meeting where the fellows evaluate the project's results.

Portraits of the teams and their projects will be published here after the Project Meeting.

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