Creating a New Society for Gender Equality

Tbilisi, August 2013 - Successful partnership between Armenian Progressive Youth NGO and Ecolab continues. In frames of the partnership 3 alumni of Ecolab got a chance to participate in a youth exchange in Rustavi, Georgia. Diana Chobanyan, Maria Hovhannisyan and Yana Hovhannisyan were selected to participate in the youth exchange from 10th to 20th of August together with other 36 young people from Armenia, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Georgia and Belarus.

The aim of the project was to discuss common forms of discrimination against women, to promote gender equality in the sending communities and to experience that a new society based on gender equality is possible.

During 10 working days the participants from six countries did their best to create a gender equal society for the duration of the youth exchange. The first 6 days of the project were held in Rustavi. During the program the participants had many interesting discussions, team works and intercultural evenings. Every evening participants represented their culture, traditions, music and dances. 

During the intercultural evening the participants from Armenia performed traditional Armenian wedding ceremony which was very interesting and exciting for the representatives of participating countries. During the program young people from Armenia introduced the film “Enough’’ to the participants of the project and had interesting discussions about sex selective abortions.

Participants had a chance to spend a nice time in the beautiful city of Tbilisi and were treated Georgian dishes in the traditional dinner which took place in Tbilisi. Representatives of participating countries spent 3 days outdoors, in the form of camping experience. For many young people it was the first experience of sleeping in tents.

Many interesting outdoor activities were organized but the most impressive and at the same time challenging one was the night hike.

These 10 days were unforgettable and impressive for all the participants of the project. Their hearts are full of sweet memories.




Target group

Our fellows, aged between 18 and 24, are (or want to become) young activists in the field of ecology whose lives are centered in the regions of Armenia such as Skirak, Lori and Vayots Dzor.

Peer education and knowledge transfers

In EcoLab we build upon the experience of our fellows to develop and share best practices.

Joint Civic Education facilitates this process and provides further expertise and skills training according to the needs of our fellows.

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Our alumni-fellows have the chance to receive further training within the program. Please see the following links for more information on the Mentor Program and Junior Facilitator Training.